What is the Bham BizHub?

The Bham BizHub is an interactive website developed to help entrepreneurs and small business owners navigate and understand local resources. Currently the website includes three beta resource guides, The Grid, The Map, and The System, created using survey data collected from over 60 programs and organizations. The site also aggregates events and workshops from around Birmingham geared towards startups and small businesses. 


Why does Birmingham need the BizHub? 

As more people, companies, and ideas arrive in the Birmingham and surrounding areas,there is a need to help entrepreneurs and business owners navigate the landscape in a way that is easy to understand and that promotes the continued growth of Birmingham, Alabama. 


How is Bham BizHub structured and who is responsible for it?

The BizHub is the result of partnerships between organizations across Birmingham including the Birmingham Business Alliance, UAB’s Harbert Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Alabama Capital Network, Alabama Power, Innovation Depot, the City of Birmingham, REV Birmingham, Create Birmingham, Innovate Birmingham, and more. 


Who should use it? Who is the target audience? 

The BizHub is intended to be used by entrepreneurs and community stakeholders, as well as anyone interested in exploring Birmingham’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. The BizHub can be used to research resource providers for your startup or small business and find out about entrepreneurial events in the city. 


How would an entrepreneur use the BizHub?

An entrepreneur looking to grow their business in Birmingham can use the BizHub to answer questions like, where can I get funding for my business? Or what organization can help with prototyping? This BizHub is designed to connect those entrepreneurs and small business owners to the resources that provide the specific service they are seeking. 


Who is included in the Bham BizHub Resource Guide? Who is not included? 

The beta version of the BizHub includes approximately 60 organizations that completed the initial resource provider survey.The first iteration of the BizHub focuses on organizations that specifically work with startups and small businesses and/or offer their services for free or on a sliding scale. To be included in the BizHub, helping small businesses and entrepreneurs should be a core mission of your organization. As this project evolves, we look forward to including other types of service providers. Right now for-profit companies and service providers are added on a case-by-case basis considering several factors including: the uniqueness of their offering in the Birmingham area; the importance of their service to early stage and growing companies; and their proven commitment to helping entrepreneurs, often through specific programs. If your organization is not currently included and you believe it should be, please complete this survey

When should an entrepreneur use the BizHub? 

The BizHub is designed to be used at any point in the growth of a company. It can also be used as a day-to-day resource since the site includes information about entrepreneurial events in the Birmingham area.


Who do I contact with questions about the BizHub? 

You can email us at info@bhambizhub.com 


Is the resource guide the only thing the BizHub will offer? 

The BizHub team decided to start with resource guides to help entrepreneurs access the assistance they need and to help ecosystem builders understand gaps in the community. We have a lot of ideas about how to grow the BizHub, like a directory of startups and small businesses, and would love to hear your feedback about what we should add next! 

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